PROTECT brings together a community of procurers and other practitioners from public authorities and provide them with key information, knowledge, and support on innovation procurement approaches for climate change services based on Earth Observation (EO) data. Being part of the PROTECT Community will help you get prepared, equipped and ready to tackle the climate change risks and challenges your organisation faces.

Sign up for the Community Platform to get access to its ever-expanding Knowledge Hub on Innovation Procurement, Climate Services and Earth Observation (EO) data, get invited to all PROTECT webinars, and stay up to date through our newsletter.

Join a PROTECT Buyer Group for specific challenges

Starting September 4, Buyer Groups will kick off, each targeting one of the identified and selected common challenges.

  1. Predicting FLOODS
  2. Climate resilient WATER solutions
  3. Prediction & prevention of FIRES
  4. Sustainable & resilient infrastructures and neighbourhoods in urban and rural areas

Apply for free on-demand consulting services

We are delighted to offer you the possibility to apply for on-demand consultancy services to your organisation’s innovation procurement project or need regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation.

If you currently face challenges and needs for climate services and are interested in becoming one of the PROTECT pilot projects, you can apply to receive free on-demand consulting services through the link to the online form below.

Note: public buyers are allowed to both join one or more Buyer Group(s) and at the same time apply for free on-demand consultancy services to their own project.

In case of any questions, you can contact:

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