Following our enlightening e-pitching sessions, we are thrilled to invite you to our four virtual Open Market Consultations. These consultations, taking place on November 15th and 16th, will be dedicated to the exploration of four selected climate adaptation and mitigation challenges. These challenges have been identified by public buyers within the PROTECT Community as urgent issues without established market solutions.

Through this OMC, the potential Public Buyers Group (PBG) organized under the PROTECT project aims to inform market operators regarding the possible upcoming Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) of Research and Development (R&D) services for the “Customisation/pre-operationalisation of prototypes end-user services in the area Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”[1]. This PCP responds to  commonly identified challenges in the area of climate adaptation and mitigation that can be better addressed jointly or that a single procurer could not otherwise have addressed alone. The PROTECT project and challenges are explained in the following sections.

In this context, the purpose of the OMC is to inform also relevant stakeholders, users and market players to gather their input about the PROTECT challenges on:

  • Mapping and predicting FLOODS (marine, riverine and other sources)
  • Prediction and prevention of FIRES and tracing and tracking responsible sources (waste, forest/nature, other)
  • Climate resilient WATER solutions (prediction, connecting data, planning, supply-demand)
  • Sustainable & resilient INFRASTRUCTURE (sustainable re-development, restoring & climate adaptation of existing neighborhoods).

Another objective of the OMC is to understand the market operators’ capabilities to satisfy the potential PBG’s needs and to obtain their input on the viability of the procurement plans and conditions as described in this document and annexes.

In sum, the objectives of this OMC are to:

  • Validate the findings of the State-Of-The-Art (SOTA) analysis and the viability of the set of technical and financial provisions.
  • Raise awareness of the industry and relevant stakeholders (including other users) regarding the upcoming PCP.
  • Collect insights from the industry and relevant stakeholders (including users) to finetune the tender specifications.

Who can participate?

The target groups of this OMC are users and technology vendors. All interested parties are invited to take part in the OMC. However, participation in the PCP will be restricted to companies from EU and Associated Countries.

The market consultation will take place in the form of:

  • Four webinars which will take place in November 2023. The webinars will be carried out in English and broadcasted online.
  • A request for information in the form of an EU Survey questionnaire.
  • Other activities and questionnaires as deemed necessary within the scope of the project.

The PROTECT Consortium is entitled to adjust the planned activities or to include new activities at any time according to the needs and responses of the market.


Parties interested in participating in the OMC activities are requested to register here:

Learn more about the OMC and read the Market Consultation Document.

[1]The upcoming €19 million pre-commercial procurement call is fully funded by the EU. The goal of the “Customisation/pre-operationalisation of prototypes end-user services in the area Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” call is for a consortium of public procurers (the “buyers group”) to prepare, launch and implement a pre-commercial procurement procedure that responds to a commonly identified challenge in the area of climate adaptation and mitigation.