PROTECT Deliverable 1.2  Cross-cutting analysis of drivers of the demand for climate services and barriers looks into the climate services market, in particular at the drivers and barriers of the demand, and how these interact and influence each other in various dimensions, such as climate and procurement policies, perception of climate risks, existing market solutions and other elements.

To create the possibility for innovative climate change mitigation and adaption solutions the intersections of the following aspects were considered:

1 – EU policies in the five PROTECT domains

2 – Climate challenges in European regions

3 – EO-based Climate service in the five selected domains

As a result, the cross-cutting analysis was used as a base to develop a methodology and provide some examples of cases where there is need of Pre-Commercial Public Procurement. These include:

  • Challenges presented by water scarcity
  • Supporting the transition towards green energy
  • Waste management and related storage issues
  • Flooding in coastal areas
  • Illegal waste dumping
  • Detecting climate vulnerability in agriculture and planning resilience.

The Deliverable is public and is now available on our Knowledge Hub.

Public buyers can take inspiration from the methodology presented to further explore possible scopes of application as well as learn about the companies offering innovative solutions.

Thank you to the consortium partners who contributed to this remarkable achievement.