EXPANDEO 2024 and the PROTECT Final Event

Have you marked your calendar yet for 11 June 2024? That is the date of the PROTECT Final Event during EXPANDEO 2024 in Brussels!

Join us on June 11th for PROTECT’s Final Event, held as a pre-event of EXPANDEO 2024, organized by the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies EARSC. This full-day event is a celebration and culmination of the PROTECT project’s journey, supported by funding from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

This essential gathering aims to promote the Key Exploitable Results of the PROTECT project, showcasing innovative achievements in Earth Observation and climate services. Attendees will engage in reflective discussions on the project’s journey, examining both the successes and challenges encountered during the preparation process to a joint Pre-Commercial Procurement project (HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01-5). Furthermore, the event will host forward-looking discussions on the future of Innovation Procurement instruments. These dialogues are crucial for evolving Earth Observation technologies and developing climate services that effectively fit for the needs of the public demand.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a pivotal event shaping the future of Earth Observation and climate adaptation in Europe.

Check out all info and the registration form for this event here.

Protect at EXPANDEO 2024

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