Indeed, the Kick-off meeting that took place in Nice, France on June 2nd-3rd, 2022, has been a success!

Partners have come together to strengthen their collaboration, and to discuss the project actions.
For 2 years, PROTECT will work at leveraging innovation procurement to unlock the climate service market’s potential to support urgent climate adaptation and mitigation.
The PROTECT project will be implemented by nine partners from six different countries: France, Netherlands, Deutschland, Belgium, Italy, and Slovakia.

The project coordinator G.A.G Group will ensure that the project runs smoothly and will lead the Impact Maximization and Strategic Governance and Project Management work packages. Aerospace Valley, Gemmete Haarlem, and Corvers Procurements Services BV will be leads on respectively the lay of the land and analysis of the supply and demand for climate services, the Community Building and Engagement, Awareness Raising, and Capacity Building, and bridging the supply and demand for climate services and preparing the PCP work packages.